Financial aid for housing

A little help for the extras

Although student life has certain advantages, the budget strongly limits your decisions. It’s not always easy to find THE perfect accommodation close to campus, supermarkets or the town centre at a reasonable price! That’s why, as a student, you can take advantage of financial aid for housing, allowing you to better manage your expenses.

A solution : financial aid for housing

Do you have a tight budget, or a very tight budget? Are you not sure that you will be able to pay your rent at the end of the month? As a student, you have rights including financial aid for housing, put into place and financed by the government. You can, under certain conditions, obtain the APL or the ASL from the CAF in Dijon.

APL (aide personnalisée au logement) is the most common. You can receive this aid, depending on the type of accommodation and the composition of your family (the accommodation must benefit from an agreement between the government and the owner).
ASL (allocation de logement à caractère social) is allotted for any type of accommodation, except if the accommodation benefits from an agreement between the government and the owner (in this case, it is an APL).

To request financial aid for housing, certain documents are required :

• A copy (front/back) of your ID card, passport, birth certificate or your valid residence permit ;
• Bank account details (RIB) in your name ;
• Rental receipt, completed, dated and signed by the manager.