Affordable rates

Rental with services included

For worry-free rental, apartments in the text_burgundinn Residence include utilities and other charges :

• Studio starting at €460 incl. VAT/month, 1-room starting at €490 incl. VAT/month and 1-bedroom starting at €750 incl. VAT/month.

In addition to services, the rental of each furnished apartment includes :

• Hot and cold running water

• Common-area maintenance charges

• Internet via WiFi

• Heating

+ : reduced administrative fees, €250 incl. VAT for a studio, €300 incl. VAT for a one-room and €400 incl. VAT for a one-bedroom.

The security deposit is the equivalent of one month’s rent.

The only additional essential contracts needed are: electricity, rental insurance and the council tax.

Affordable rent

Utilities included

Reduced fees